Study Privately with Daniel M Lincoln

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"Daniel's compassion, incredible understanding of the human voice and teaching abilities has not only given me a deeper knowledge of my instrument, but has encouraged me to become my own self-teacher. His lessons are embedded in the way I work and the way in which I understand music. His positive energy creates a safe environment to grow, experiment, and challenge the voice. He has been a true role model in the way I, as a singer and as a person, have evolved. I would recommend anyone who is truly serious about learning and engaging their instrument, and also building a repertoire, to grab at the opportunity to work with Daniel."

- Danielle S.

Through my operatic training, my work with students at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and the New York Film Academy’s Musical Theatre Conservatory, and my experience as a professional Musical Director and Broadway audition accompanist, I have developed a teaching style that aims at creating a positive environment while engaging stimulating and challenging exercises tailored to the specific needs and goals of the student. Our lesson time is spent building stamina, control, and range. But most importantly, I help singers build healthy muscle memory so that - on stage or in the recording studio - they can truly immerse themselves in their performance. Because singing is not just a purely technical endeavor; it is an emotional expression that requires commitment as an actor. I tap into my training and experience as a songwriter to help my students explore the storytelling of a song. We focus on lyric analysis and interpretation, character development, and dramatic arc.

For those inclined towards Broadway, I also focus on the business of booking the show. I use the insight I have gained from working auditions for Broadway casting agencies such as Telsey + Co to prepare my students for those precious moments they spend in the casting room. I help my students build an effective audition book, select appropriate audition cuts, and I offer special pre-audition coachings - even on a last-minute basis - to make sure my students always feel completely confident and prepared. With hard work, patience, and an openness to trying new techniques, you will find new layers within your instrument, and enjoy a greater ease and freedom in your performance.
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"Daniel not only helps you find the technique that best fits you and your instrument, he also pushes you to the next level in a supportive and relaxed environment."  

- Justen K

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"The quality that I like most about Daniel Lincoln is that he is an educator first and foremost. I learn and discover something different every time I have a voice lesson."

- Jake H.

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"He’s amazing! My technique has improved dramatically in such a short time. What I love about working with Danny is that while he’s making sure you use your voice correctly, he is also making sure that you’re acting the piece so that they co-exist together.  He is giving me the tools I need to move forward whether it’s in standards, pop, musical theater or cabaret."

- Theresa R.

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Lesson Rate = $90/hr + Rehearsal Studio Rental

Discount Packages Available